Animal Cross Direct Reactions

I have a lot to take in right now…

The first being that I will talk about the Happy Home DLC later (hopefully, still impoverished). If you want to read the timeline of my thoughts regarding the DLC portion of the direct, here you go:

  • Last free DLC? I don’t care I’ll pay for anything
  • Oh god it’s Happy Home Designer all over again…
  • Oh it’s Happy Home done right? Wait… I’m not sure I trust this… 
  • Nintendo please don’t use Maple. I’m begging you. I love her! Don’t use her to make me spend money!
  • Oh God, it’s too cute. I’m so buying this aren’t I?

Anyway, this was a very content heavy direct that had me grinning from ear to ear from start to finish. There’s a lot to unpack here, and I mean a lot. So, best to unpack a bit at a time, and write out my thoughts piece by piece. I’m too excited so let’s get started shall we?

The Return Of The Roost

For some time, the Animal Crossing community gave up. It’s been a year and a half, and there was still no word of our beloved Brewster. I was more than happy to wait for his arrival. Leaked code showed he was coming, and the pandemic had slowed the entire world. However, some were starting to question the importance of Brewster. Was he needed? Would he change anything? Ect ect.

While I understand these questions, once again, there were signs of his arrival. And Nintendo would never take away such a beloved character they:

A) Sell merch of. 

B) The community has been begging for since day one.

Finally, our savior has arrived. The leaks were correct, and The Roost is now comfortably settled into our museums. Personally, I’m very happy Nintendo thought ahead and placed The Roost in the museum. It would be incovent to bring Brewster now, while so many islands are well established and settled, and have players create a new spot just for a single building. Also, Animal Crossing lore does state that Brewster and Blathers are long time friends. I’m ecstatic that the two are now closer to each other than before.

I also have fond memories of working with Brewster in The Roost back when playing New Leaf. He was the character that really made me fall in love with the game. And the items he gave me were well treasured. While I adore the role playing aspect of visiting The Roost with friends and villagers, I hope to work alongside him again. I’m excited about the possibility of earning those treasured items from him again, and gifting him his beloved gyroids.

Welcome back Brewster. You were missed. Life in Animal Crossing is never the same without you.

Kapp’n And The Mysterious Islands

The return of Kapp’n was the first of many surprises this Direct brought me. I felt so stupid not thinking about how well he’d fit into island life. I also thought that the Dodos had replaced him, as many new faces have replaced old ones. But, it seems Kapp’n is here to stay, and brings with him more shanties and adventures.

I intend to keep Kapp’n busy during the early days of the update. However, I must question how often the Mysterious Islands will be used by players. They seem to be the gateway to a plethora of new items. However, once you collect them all, then what? They clearly are not going to be used for villager hunting. The islands visited also seem completely randomized, so you can’t choose to go to a seasonal island to gather materials for seasonal DIYs.

I suppose that, like the Dodos, Kapp’n’s services will become a gamble at some point. Will he take you to that one rare island you’re hoping for? Or will you get a dud?

Either way, a warm welcome to you as well Kapp’n. I swear I haven’t forgotten about you. I love your song with K.K. Slider, so please don’t be mad at me.

Updates To Harv’s Island

It seems that Nintendo and the Animal Crossing community adore our characters. And we don’t want you to forget it.

I think that having characters set up shop on Harv’s Island is a perfect idea. It eliminates more buildings taking up space on your island. Gives permanent access to characters who cycle on and off your island like Kicks. And is once again, the return of friendly faces.

Hariet is back to teach you new hairstyles. Katarina, a character I love for her design alone, finally got her glow up. But, the characters I’m most excited to see once again are Resse and Cryus. I knew Nintendo wasn’t going to bring these characters back for just one event. They are important and serve a purpose to the game and your ability as a designer. I was waiting for them to set up shop somewhere, and I finally got it.

But, the character I really wasn’t expecting to see set up shop on Harv’s Island, was Redd! I suppose that he wanted to have something more permanent. Seeing how he NEVER visits you. The art galleries of many players are still empty. And I can’t afford the asking prices on Nookazon because Redd didn’t feel like invoking Tom’s wrath for another day. 

Harv’s island seems like the only place he’ll be safe. And while I much prefer Leif in that spot, I’ll take him there if this is the only way I’ll get my paintings.

The Quality Of Life Updates

Nintendo has been listening and taking notes!

My biggest complaint about New Horizon thus far were the quality of life mechanics. While I adore my villages, they are devoid of personality and connection with them is hard. Villagers share the same lines and lack of attention in their dialogue easily breaks immersion. However, many of my prayers have been answered in this Direct.



Besides this much needed and long awaited feature, I’m very pleased to see the addition of group activities. Ordinances also make a return. I thought Nintendo has done away with ordinances. Clearly, I’m wrong and I can’t wait to make use of them again. 

However, there was one thing I was always hoping Nintendo would bring us. One missing element that I hoped would be expanded upon. An aspect of life that, until now, was just set dressing. An activity that would sweeten my island life, and immerse me into this game even more with my favorite, daily activity .


Gardens will now be more vibrant with the inclusion of crops. I can finally cook and display wonderful meals. A diversity of dishes will now scatter across my island, and be welcoming gifts to my friends and villagers. I’ve been waiting so long for a mechanic that I thought Nintendo would never include. However, it seems even they know the importance and power of food. Because of this, November 5th cannot arrive soon enough.

The new decoration mechanics, items, navigation, and ever expanding storage space, are also features I’m excited for. Now as much as The Roost and food. But I could hear the squeals of happy designers around the world from my own little corner of the world. While I don’t have an eye for detail myself, these new features are sure to have me spend much of my free time redecorating my island.

Finally, oh God K.K. Slider is a vocaloid now… Wait, wasn’t he always technically a vocaloid? This question will keep me up tonight won’t it?

And Finally, The Gyroids

Gyroids was another Animal Crossing staple that wasn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. When the game first came out, I was a little heartbroken to discover they were nowhere to be found. However, you can’t have Brewster without his beloved Gyroids. With him, they finally return.

Gyroids haven’t changed much from their past in New Leaf. They are still to be found, grown, and displayed. However, the Gyroids are much cuter now, no doubt about that. They can also be customized. More proof that Nintendo wants you to express and design the shit out of your island. 

My only hope with the Gyroids is that I can give them to Brewster and make him smile.

Brewster, I’ll Be Visiting You First Thing On The 5th

Animal Crossing proves to be a necessary game for many of us. The world is still healing from gathered trauma. Many continue to call into question the ethics, values, and ideals of the world we live in today. However, though the world seems dark, there are things that will continue to make us smile.

The previous, smaller, updates, have admittedly been lacking. Previous events are quick and effortless, but don’t have as much value or fun as the base game. Now, I can see why that was. This was, again, a content heavy Direct. One that was focused on the game’s creativity, and lore. The wait has paid off for many of us. Now, Nintendo is expanding into paid content. I question the $25 asking price. But, I have faith it’ll be worth it. Remember, this is a game Nintendo wants us to play for a long time. And this update, and the DLC coming, seems to be proving them true to their word.

I hope Nintendo continues to listen to the community when it comes to future development of New Horizons. I also hope they will continue to tweak and refine previous features of the game that have been lacking. Looking at you Bunny Day… Most importantly, I hope many continue to find and use Animal Crossing as our healing and connection game. I hope this update made you smile as much as it did me. And I hope to see a surge of activity and creativity on our forums.

I await visiting you in The Roost. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to tidy my museum area for Brewster’s return.