The 5 ARMS Fighters who should be in Smash

The 5 ARMS Fighters who should be in Smash

Back in March, it was confirmed that the newest addition to Smash Bros Ultimate would be a character from Nintendo’s newest fighting franchise ARMS. The title was released back in the Switch’s first year, featuring a wide variety of fighters with flexible arms, while it did fall in prominence after the release of titles like Splatoon 2 and Mario Odyssey, it still achieved success with over 2 Million Copies sold.

In just a few days, Sakurai will emerge from hiding to reveal just who from ARMS will be playable and here is our shortlist for who should make the cut.

Spring Man

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It may be the safe decision, hell some may even call it boring, but if anyone was to be the picked as ARMS first representative in Smash Bros, it surely would be the unofficial face of the series.

Spring Man was one of the first fighters revealed, alongside someone else who may or may not be on this list and has major presence on the front cover as well. I’ll be taking a fist right to the side of his face. The only real reason Spring Man may NOT appear as a playable character is because he already is in the game as a Assist Trophy as well as a Mii Costume. While 3 characters have been promoted from assist to playable (Isabelle, Dark Samus and Little Mac), those would happen in future installments.

Min Min

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Out of all the characters in ARMS, Min Min has stood out as one of the more popular ones. Coming from her parent’s noodle house with a ramen bowl on her head and a Dragon Power Up, she proved popular even as far back as the original Test Punch.

When it was announced that ARMS was to be coming to Smash back in March, Min Min was the only fighter trending on Twitter. There is also a major push to have her in the game as a tribute to late streamer, Desmond “Etika” Amofah, who passed away last June. Etika was a big fan of Min Min, even going as far as declaring her as his official waifu

The only real hurdle that Min Min has to face is that, like several other characters from ARMS, she is already in the game as a spirit. But honestly, that isn’t that big of an issue considering EVERYONE is a spirit


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OH NOOOO! Why would you do this Nintendo! If Min Min is the most popular character in Arms, than starlet Twintelle would be a very close second. She is the only playable character able to use her regular arms as her hair is used to fight in game. Whether it is fighting outside the mother theatre or hitting the gym, she always carries herself with a sense of style, accentuating certain *ahem* ….assests

File:Twintelle Lifting.jpg

Twintelle’s inclusion in Smash Bros would be a landmark moment for several reasons, most importantly she will be the first character of colour included in the game as a fighter

Ribbon Girl

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Alongside Spring Man, she has become the other face of the ARMS series, her long flowing hair made a big splash in the games reveal trailer back in 2017. But also like Spring Man, she is already featured in Smash Ultimate as a Mii Costume, now while a Mii Costume shouldn’t immediately disqualify you from being a fully fledged character, you could argue it makes no sense to feature them twice.

Even so Ribbon Girl would make a great addition to the series, her style and flair could easily be matched by several other female fighters like Peach and Rosalina. Plus, as well as being a fighter, Ribbon is also a famous pop singer in the ARMS Universe, with her Ribbon Ring arena being able to serve some banging remixes of music from the game.


Cool Ninjara Arms Nintendos Nintendo Switch 1920x1080 wallpaper ...

This was a tough one to be honest, it came down between Mechanica and our Ninja friend here, and while a Waifu in a Mechsuit would be an interesting addition, it could prove to complicated to have her work with the rest of the roster.

Ninjara on the other hand, has speed and can vanish in an air-dash. While this could potentially be seen as a major advantage for him, this could be balance out by having his defenses weakened while performing it and thus a hightened riskof getting knocked off stage.

He also has one of the better designs when it comes to the ARMS roster, with stretchy, steel chain arms attached to spinning blades, not to mention, he is a freaking Ninja!

It is anyone’s guess who will be the selected from ARMS to appear in Smash Bros, but just two things are certain;

1) There will be someone not happy about it, and
2) The Amiibo will be bloody awesome!